Study in Western Australia (WA)


Perth is a city of growth, success and possibilities. The benefits of our resources boom have impacted every part of our lives, from education to transport. The new international airport, along with the Perth Arena and expanding city rail network, riverside developments and beachfronts are shaping Perth into Australia’s western gateway for tourism and investment.

Perth has been rated as one of the world’s top 10 most liveable cities (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2015, 2016 and 2017), ranked in the top 10 per cent of 215 world cities for quality of life (Mercer, 2018) and top 40 Best Student Cities in the World (QS, 2018).

Perth offers a unique place to study, at a unique point in its history. The driving force of the Australian economy, our city attracts leading thinkers and teachers from around the world, reaching international standards of excellence in education and industry.  Our cultural life has flourished alongside the economy and we are now Australia’s western hub for the arts, travel and recreation.

Perth offers what other cities can’t — the chance to be part of a growing, economically thriving city that stills holds lifestyle, safety and community as important traditions.

World-class education

Western Australia’s world-class universities, colleges and schools provide quality-assured education with flexible study pathways. The state’s practical approach to education, guided by teachers who are experts in their field, ensures that you are taught the skills that employers are looking for in today’s competitive world. Your study experience will not only provide you with learning, but also the possibility to be part of the growing academic and professional network that will guide the future of our city.

A lifestyle that’s hard to match!

Perth offers one of the highest standards of living in the world and yet is more affordable than the UK and the USA. As a student, you will receive a 40 per cent discount on all public transport throughout the state. Perth also has a relatively low crime rate compared to other major cities, making its campuses, transport and city streets safe and secure.

A leader in science and innovation

Education in Perth is internationally recognised for excellence. Our institutions are world-class and provide qualifications that will take you wherever you want to go. Research conducted in Perth is respected globally, reaching new horizons in medicine and health sciences, agriculture, chemistry, geology, metallurgy, engineering, astrophysics, renewable energy and environmental management.

Most multicultural city in Australia

Perth is number one in Australia for student diversity. People of more than 200 different nationalities live, work and study in Perth, speak over 170 languages and practise over 100 religions. There are numerous places of worship, with most restaurants and campuses catering for religious and dietary requirements. So, no matter where you’re from you’ll always feel welcome and respected.

Working in Perth

Perth has experienced an economic boom and is in the midst of a cultural rebirth. We currently generate around 19 per cent of Australia’s jobs, but have only 11 per cent of the population —meaning there’s never been a better time or place to find a job than right now, in Western Australia! Working in Perth while you study is not only a great way to earn some extra money. It will give you the chance to be part of our community and experience our way of life, and it’s also a fantastic way to work on your English language skills if you’re not a native speaker.

If you are on a student visa (a full-time international student), you will have the opportunity to work part time for up to 40 hours per fortnight and unlimited hours during semester break.


Making the most of your time in Perth

We value a balance of work and leisure in our lives and make the most of Australia’s open spaces with our city design and housing. The city centre is the home of business, as well as dozens of new bars, clubs and restaurants. Surrounding entertainment districts provide relaxed environments for music, theatre, festivals and cinema, and are minutes away from the peace and security of residential areas. Our Swan River, historic Fremantle port and King’s Park Botanic Gardens are the hub of outdoor recreation in the city, and our beaches are wide, pristine and welcoming.

No matter your interests, skills or level of learning, there is a study choice for your future in Perth.

Now is your time. Be part of it.

Study options in Western Australia

There are five universities in Western Australia, in addition to a range of private higher education providers and TAFE institutes.

The student population in Western Australia is around 134,000. Of these, almost a third of students (29 per cent) are from overseas. A further 11 per cent are domestic students from other states and territories of Australia.