Snickers Popcorn Is The Perfect Sweet And Salty Snack


In the event that there’s ever been an opportunity to take your brain off things by vegging out before the television with your preferred tidbit, it’s presently. Fortunately, if your solace nourishment of decision happens to be something that is both sweet and salty, Sam’s Club has another treat you’ll need to get on your next market run: Snickers popcorn!

The daintily prepared popcorn is showered with caramel and afterward concealed with ground Snickers sweets and nuts. The sweet and flavorful tidbit has 150 calories for every serving and just 30 grams of sodium.

A 20-ounce pack is $5.98, solely at Sam’s Club, which means you’ll require a membership if you need to attempt it.

Sam’s Club

In the event that Snickers snacks aren’t your thing, Candy Pop likewise makes three other sugarcoated popcorn assortments: Twix, M&Ms and Butterfinger. The Twix popcorn is also available at Sam’s Club and you can arrange the M&Ms popcorn on Snack Pop’s website and Butterfinger on either Snack Pop’s website or Amazon.

The Twix popcorn is covered with Twix pieces and sprinkled with chocolate and caramel, while the M&Ms popcorn is showered with chocolate and covered in small scale M&Ms. The Butterfinger popcorn is likewise covered in Butterfinger candy pieces and afterward showered with nutty spread.

Snack Pop

You’ll additionally discover two treat enhanced popcorns from Snack Pop — Chips Ahoy! also, Oreo. While Chips Ahoy! is available on Snack Pop’s site, you can get the Oreo season at Sam’s Club.

The Chips Ahoy! season is showered with chocolate and covered with Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip treats, while the Oreo enhance has squashed Oreos, but on the other hand is showered with real Oreo creme filling.

Sam’s Club

Cold Stone Creamery is likewise getting in on the popcorn fun with a Sweet Chaos Cake Batter popcorn that is additionally restrictive to Sam’s Club. The carefully assembled pot corn is made with genuine sweetener and ocean salt and afterward secured with cake player enhanced shower and sprinkles.

The popcorn arrives in a 10-pack box (1.5 ounces per sack) and is $9.98, making it under $1 per sack. You can discover it coming up or request it on the web, where you’ll get free delivery in case you’re a Plus part.

Sam’s Club

On the off chance that none of these are arousing your curiosity or you’d just rather abstain from taking off the present moment, you can also make your own fun popcorn for at-home movie nights.

This formula from Cookies and Cups for salted caramel popcorn combines margarine, corn syrup, earthy colored sugar and salt for what seems like a genuinely overwhelming and irresistible treat. In the event that you incline toward chocolate flavors, this Moose Munch from Baking A Moment joins caramel with white and dull chocolate.


Will you be stocking your kitchen pantry with any of these offbeat popcorn flavors?